The congregation was small but prayed and raised funds enthusiastically for the construction of the first church building on Howard Street, which was dedicated on April 14, 1895.

In 1907, First Baptist Church, as it became known, was enjoying a season of growth and began planning to build a bigger church building at the corner of Henderson and Washington Streets. This project was completed and dedicated on June 5, 1910. Due to the church being debt free, a heavy emphasis was placed on supporting foreign missions, as championed by the newly formed Ladies Aid Society at First Baptist Church, and Mississippi women such as Miss Margaret Lackey and Miss Carrie Hooker Chiles.  In the years that followed, a Sunday School Annex was built and completed in 1924, followed by the acquisition of the Caswell building.

From 1946 to 1975, First Baptist Church experienced the largest attendance and membership in church history under the leadership of Dr. J.H. Kyzar. Because membership had soared above 1500 people, North Greenwood Baptist Church of Greenwood was constituted with a nucleus of 375 members in 1955 from First Baptist Church. A new building was constructed on Grand Boulevard, and was completed in the spring of 1955. This growth continued, and ministries like the Chinese Mission and the Bus ministry continued to bolster the Gospel’s spread throughout Greenwood, the delta and the World.

In 1963 the Kyzar Education Building was built and dedicated. There was enough property left for the erection of a new and larger sanctuary. Construction began and was completed on July 11, 1976. Not long after, the organ was dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Whittington.

In 1981, the decision was made to tear down the old sanctuary from 1910 due to structural and economic concerns. In the following years, the pastor and staff were diligent to refurbish and update the many buildings and properties of First Baptist Church, while still seeking to reach the community through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To show a commitment to growth and hope for the future, a full remodel and renovation of the Sanctuary was completed and paid for in 2009. This renovation would allow for First Baptist Church to remain relevant and adaptable for years to come.

Today, First Baptist Church is a body of believers seeking to follow Christ in obedience to the Great Commission – to make disciples of all nations. Come worship with us and be a part of our rich history and exciting future.

To God be all the glory and honor!