Deacon Ministry


Duties and responsibilities of a Deacon at FBC:

  • Ensure that the pastor is able to spend time with the Lord in order to fulfill his role as the spiritual overseer and edifier within the church of God
    • Deacons should look for ways to free the pastor from tasks that could hinder his time with the Lord and his family
    • Deacons are to make sure the pastor has the resources to take care of himself and his family
    • Deacons should be at 80% of Deacon meetings so as to share in the burden of ministering and leading the church body
  • Helping the pastor fulfill his ministry by caring for the people of the church
    • Caring through meeting the physical and emotional needs of the widows and others within the church family
    • Counseling through assisting at the altar, front door, and on other occasions as needed
    • Counting and taking care of the tithes and offerings of the church
    • Serving on committees such as finance, building, missions, etc. that can be called into action to assist the pastor as needed
    • Communicate the strategies, goals, and programs of the church to the congregation
  • Deacons should be increasing their relationship with the Lord
    • Showing up to Sunday, Wednesday nights along with other church events and committee meetings
    • Gain the ability to share the gospel with others
    • Gain knowledge through prayer and bible study
  • Deacons should take care of their own families
    • Love their wives
    • Love their children
    • Properly balance work and ministry with family life
  • Deacons relationship with the pastor
    • Deacons should display loyalty and obedience to the man of God
    • Deacons should express their opinions but once a decision is made they should back that decision even if it is different than their preference
    • Deacons should pray for the pastor
  • Deacons should support the church staff
    • Deacons should love, encourage, assist, and pray for the staff
    • Deacons should not direct the staff that is the responsibility of the pastor
  • Deacons should love, respect, and support other deacons. Don’t let Satan divide and conquer; deacons should unite and overcome
  • Deacons should have a good relationship with the church family
    • Deacons should not be double tongued or gossips
    • Deacons should anticipate and respond to the needs of the church family
  • Deacons should have a relationship with the community
    • Deacons should cultivate a good reputation in the community
    • Deacons should be active in soul winning




  1. Grow our church spiritually and numerically
  1. Meet the 2018-2019 church budget
  1. Be active participants in our Sunday morning service
  1. Address the Member Roll
  1. Contact all church members
  1. Form a Deacon’s Assistance Team
  1. Care for widows through special events,

especially “Lunch with the Pastor”

  1. Host a deacon-led “Evangelism Training”
  1. Host a deacon-led outreach project