Upcoming Events:

September 11| Men’s & Ladies Bible Studies Begin
Ladies study of 1 Peter will be every Tuesday beginning September 11 at 6 pm at 615 Dunklin St. Childcare provided by reservation only. Please contact the church office for details.
Men’s Study of Judges will also begin Tuesday, September 11. Two    sessions available: Morning at 6:30 am, evening at 6 pm. Both sessions held at Station 222 (222 Howard St.).
September 15| 300 Oaks Race
There is still time to sign up for our race day teams! Contact the church office for more details!
September 16| Meetings
Our Children’s committee will be meeting at 2pm, followed by Finance at 4 pm and Deacon’s at 5. Ordination council will meet at 5:45 pm, and is open to all active and inactive deacons.
September 19| Business Meeting
Please join us for our monthly church business meeting at 5:45 pm.
September 23| Ordination Service for Thomas McCollum
We are excited to announce new deacon, Thomas McCollum at his ordination service at 5 pm.
September 23| Reynosa Fundraiser Fiesta Dinner
Join us in a great fiesta dinner to help our members heading to Reynosa in November! Dinner starts at 5:30 pm! Tickets are only $10. Contact our church office for more details or to purchase your tickets!
November 17-21| Mission Trip to Reynosa, Mexico
Register now to join us on our mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico! Fees are $100 per person with additional transportation fees to be determined based on final numbers of participants.  Please visit https://www.bigheartorphanage.org/ and call our church office for more information.